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What to Expect from Our Medical Weight Loss Programs

The programs at RCMC have been developed by doctors and nutritionists through hours of research and clinical experience and follow the protocols for American Society of Bariatric Physicians and the National Institute for Health. 

Our doctors believe in combining food choice, portion control, behavior modification and physical activity with proven FDA approved medications to suppress your appetite, give you energy and burn fat to give you the perfect plan to lose weight. Some of our most popular services and products include:
  • Medical HCG Injections
  • Lipo-Plus Solutions
  • ​Appetite Suppressants
  • Nutritional Counseling 
  • ​Testosterone Therapy
  • ​Underactive Thyroid Therapy
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GLADYS lost 50 pounds in 14 weeks
Gladys lost 50 pounds in 14 Weeks! "When I first came to RCMC I did not think that the results were real, or that it would work for me to lose fat fast. Every week I would meet with my counselor and I could not believe how I would be hitting these goals that she had set out for me! It kept me motivated and so excited to stay on course. This has changed my life and I could not thank RCMC enough! Best weight loss center out there!"
Trisha came into RCMC and had been struggling to lose weight. She had tried every weight loss program out there and told us this is her last hope. She had a lot of things happen to her a few years prior, kids, stress and it had just come on before she knew it! She could not believe that she lost over 100 pounds and has kept it off for over a year with great weight management!
DAVID lost 71 pounds in 14 weeks
David had enough and him and his wife Gladys decided to do the program together. They had tried every program out there to lose weight, even going down to mexico to try some new medication. "I have never been so happy to find a place that truly cares about getting you to your goal weight, helping you lose weight fast, and making sure that you know how to keep it off. This has been the best weight loss program for me and my family!"

It's Not Magic, It's Science!

Here's How Our Medical Weight Loss Programs Work:

medical grade  hormonal injections and FDA approved Weight Loss Medications
one on one support and individualized nutritional counseling
Quick weight loss, Fat loss and increased energy 
integrating behavior modification and physical activity for long term success

With 750+ 5-Star Reviews Online,
It's No Surprise RCMC Medical Center is the #1 weight loss organization in California!

Our Friendly Staff Is Excited to Help You Reach Your Goals And It All Starts with a Free Consultation:

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